You Deserve to be Rewarded. Driving a BMW makes you a member of an exclusive club, and membership comes with benefits and rewards. It's time to reap those rewards.

The BMW Loyalty Program has been designed to reward current and former BMW drivers by making the latest offers more attractive. BMW Owner Loyalty Credit is available for current or former BMW owners/lessees who finance an eligible BMW vehicle with BMW Financial Services. BMW Owners who currently have or had a BMW in their possession within the past 5 years regardless of finance source qualify when they purchase a qualified BMW vehicle and finance with BMW Financial Services. 

 2018 - 2021 BMW CPO Vehicles$500
2023 2 Series$500
2023 3 Series$750
2023 4 Series (excl. M4 & i4)$1,000 Lease / $500 Finance
2023 5 Series (excl. M5 & M5 CS)$1,500 Lease / $750 Finance
2023 8 Series (excl. B8)$1,500
2023 X3 (excl. X3M)$1,500 Lease / $750 Finance
2023 X4 (excl. X4M)$1,000 Lease / $500 Finance
2023 X5 (excl. X5M)$1,500 Lease / $750 Finance
2023 X6 (excl. X6M)$1,500 Lease / $750 Finance
2023 X7 (excl. XB7)$1,500 Lease / $750 Finance

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Offer expires 1/31/2023. Current or Former Customers are defined as BMW Owners who currently have or had a BMW vehicle in their possession, regardless of financing source within the last five (5) years, including Customers who purchase their off-lease vehicle, certify the vehicle and then finance it with BMW Financial Services. BMW Loyalty Credit is extended to individuals residing in the same household as the qualifying customer. Customers whose original vehicles is in a company name and now want to place their new vehicle in their personal name (or vice-versa) are eligible for the BMW CPO Loyalty Credit. Proof of ownership required such as vehicle registration, auto insurance card, vehicle title, FS account number, VIN or DCS Vehicle Inquiry.