BMW Cleveland has several programs offered through BMW Financial Services in order to help you throughout your lease or purchase term. If you would like to know if you qualify for any of these programs or you have additional questions, please contact us today.


BMW Financial Services Mileage Adjustment Program helps you avoid anxiety over end of lease excess mileage charges by allowing you to purchase additional miles at a discounted rate at any time throughout your lease term. You may purchase them more than once during your contract and up to one day prior to vehicle turn-in. BMW provides you the flexibility to go farther.


The Unused Mileage Loyalty Benefit is designed to reward you if you have not used all of your contracted miles in your lease. A credit of up to $300 for unused miles will be applied to your new account based on the percentage of miles not used. Who knew there was a reward waiting at lease end?


BMW Financial Services may occasionally offer special incentives to terminate your lease contract early by waiving the remaining payments. The excitement of getting into a new BMW that much sooner, just became a reality.



Some exclusions may apply. Please see dealer for full details regarding all lease & finance programs.